June 28, 2011

Turning and Facing the Strange

And lo you shall be....Harvey!
One of the advantages of being busy in attempting to find new employment is that, when one area is lacking, other opportunities and issues arise.

Fortunately, I've been good at getting interviews (both for freelance and full-time gigs), but no major this-is-going-to-happens in the near future. (If you know someone who could use a great blog writer, or non-profit development person, or even all-around swell guy who would be willing to review, say Doctor Who DVDs, please send them down to gordondymowski.com - it has links to just about everything me online, including my Linked In profile, which should help justify their recent IPO).

But I'm not here to complain - I'm here to talk about some of the many cool things that are happening right now. Think of it as my occasional real-life-post-that-appeals-only-to-Roger.

First, as you may have heard or read, I am now the new co-host of the Zone 4 podcast for Comic Related. As a result, I am putting my personal podcast on hiatus (as it's been for awhile) - Ron and Brant are great guys to work with, and I don't want to inadvertently compete with them. Would love to do a Doctor Who podcast (I'm thinking a Siskel & Ebert type-show with a classic fan (me) and a new series fan), but other than that, my focus needs to be on professional matters (like the occasional guest post for the Job Stalker and Baker Street Blog, as well as my Comic Related column and....well, job seeking stuff)

Also, the Ubuntu box I spoke about earlier? After conferring with some of the greatest minds on the Internet, I have decided to name it....Harvey. I know several smart people (including a great uncle) named Harvey, and it works. So now, I have an uppity HP named Orac and a rugged Toughbook named Harvey. If they were cats, I would be....in serious trouble.

Finally, I have some upcoming cool events that I'll be attending, and would like to share them with you. I'll be attending the Chicago Red Cross' Flirting for Disaster this Wednesday from 5:30 on (Disclaimer: I serve as marketing chair for another fundraising event) - you can order tickets here. And this Saturday, from 1 - 6, friend of the blog Third Coast Comics (meaning the store is now obliged to give me any comics I want free), located at 6234 N. Broadway (minutes from the Granville Red Line station), is sponsoring an art auction to raise funds to help fight human trafficking around the globe. If you're interested, drop me a Facebook note and I'll forward the invitation.

There are a lot of necessary changes in my life. But as David Bowie once said, time may change me, but I can't trace time, or something.

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