July 17, 2011

My Webcomic of the Moment: PI JANE

In an effort to broaden my own comics reading palate (especially since I'm burning out a little on superheroes), I will, on occasion, be featuring some cool webcomics as part of the blog. (Please feel free to e-mail me a link if you're interested).

This inaugural edition is focused on the science fiction/flat-out-fun P.I. Jane. I met Lauren (the co-creator) and Tony (the artist) at Heroes in Disguise, an auction put on by Geek Girl on the Street (Hi, Kate!) to benefit the Heroes Initiative. Yes, I met some cool people (and touched base with others), and...well, promptly forgot to follow up on Sunday. (Curse you, red velvet cake-flavored vodka!)

It wasn't until last night's podcast recording that I half-heartedly spoke about the strip....and decided, today, to actually check it out and read several past strips.

I'm glad I did - in many ways, this strip has the same tone as the late, lamented show The Middleman - a romp that, quite frankly, we need more of in our comics. It's a great strip that is "all ages" in the best sense of the word - it doesn't talk down to its audience, has a sly sense of humor, and most importantly - is a great, fun, read.

This one's already queued in my feed reader - why don't you follow suit?

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