July 15, 2011

My Comic Related Life & Times

You know, there are times when things get me down - people who insist that I make them the center of my universe; people who need to be the center of attention....and that usually happens when I look in the mirror.

And of course, there's my extended family - and part of that, I'm proud to say, are my pals at Comic Related.

First, you see the dashing caricature at the right? That's me, via Allison, who I "met" through Brant, my Zone 4 co-host. What you're seeing is a black and white version of my avatar, and once it's colored....well, I think you'll find that in comics form, I'm just as intimidatingly handsome and charming as I am in real life.

As you can guess, there's a new episode up focusing on creating a comics show. But don't just take my word for it - here's pal Brant's incredible trailer:

(Oh, and let me just say I still find working with Ron Fortier incredible - I mean, the man's written the Green frickin' Hornet. Maybe the definitive Green Hornet.)

Also, many of you possibly wonder what is my favorite classic Doctor Who story of all time. Well, faster than you can say, "Radio Free Skaro", there's my latest "TV Party Column" at Comic Related which answers that very question. So read and enjoy!

(Oh, and I have a paying consulting client now. It's small scale work, but they've invited me to respond to an RFP as well. That more than makes up for the interview where I was asked what starship captain my leadership style most resembled. And this is the answer I gave).

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