August 13, 2011

Latest & Greatest

First, if you're coming to Wizard World, just a heads-up; I'll be attending the "Way of the Nerd" panel at 5:00. It's put on by my pals at the Chicago Nerd Social Club, and it will be awesome and bacon-flavored and all the other pimply teenaged hyperboles...

(....hey, any time I can make A Hard Day's Night reference, I'm happy).

I have to admit that, other than pals, Wizard World seems, well, very much like a testosterone-fueled flea market. I mean, four or five vendors of samurai swords? Energy drinks? Cosplaying women giving backrubs? Really, Gareb Shamus?

But if that last statement has you down, let me just remind you that there's a new Zone 4 Episode and Job Stalker post online. You'll dig both. I promise.

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