March 10, 2012

Good News, Everyone! (Special Birthday Edition)

You're probably wondering why I have what appears to be a fully drawn and colored comics page on the left.

Well, that is the first page of my first "official" comics writing project.

Thanks to pal and co-host Captain Ron Fortier of Airship 27 (who is best known for writing the definitive Green Hornet comic), I was connected with a studio out of Brazil. Thankfully, Carlos (my editor) assigned me the task of reviving Fox Feature Syndicate's Wonderman, a character with a very interesting history. (If you would like to read his only appearance, you can download the book legally via

The book will be drawn by Charles Bertho and colored is RogĂ©rio Rocha, and will be available at some point (they're still working on the art) via IndyPlanet and Drive Thru comics. Much like this blog, this book (tentatively a one-shot) will have a diverse range of influences - you won't read another comic that contains hints of Buddhism, 12 Step philosophy, political and economic commentary....and plenty of robot punching. 

(Does it count if I spoil my own book?)

But speaking of Zone 4, our latest episode featuring Kevin Minnter is live on Comic Related. (And if you're looking to get mentioned on our show, just "like" us on Facebook) Here's the trailer by the ever-so-awesome Mr. Brant Fowler:

Finally, as I announced on Facebook - the band is back together. For those of you who listened to the old online Whoverse radio show, Phil and I are getting back together....for a slightly different show. We're moving to a different online venue, but more importantly - we're going to do an online television show. Details will be forthcoming, but we're going to stay on Sundays at 1:00 pm for broadcast, we're going to keep it an hour, and we're going to rename it "The Bar Tab of Rassilon".

Keep watching this space, everyone. Good stuff continues to happen.

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