April 19, 2012

Who Do They Think They Are? A Look at Second City's 100th Review

(You know the drill - I'm part of Second City's press list. Every so often - like last night - I receive complimentary tickets and press materials to review their premieres. All opinions are my own) 

How do you celebrate 100 different revues at the same improv company? How do you bask in your success without succumbing to uneasy pride?
If you're Second City, you create a top-notch, flat-out funny show focusing on current matters, seeing how people are continually adjusting to changes.

Second City's latest revue, Who Do We Think We Are? is a collection of sketches that focuses on....well, quite a bit. Yes, there are some great politically-oriented sketches (including one about two women discussing the joys of working for the city of Chicago), but most of the revue focuses on exploring the nature of modern life - everything from maintaining a positive attitude to a reunion of Luvabull cheerleaders, from misusing time travel to reality checks in women's bathrooms. Who Do We Think We Are? takes a varied approach, providing a variety of skits that touch on modern life that never seem too jaded, too enamored of their own cleverness.

Case in point: in the middle of the revue, one of the participants actually began requesting money for improv. Reminding the audience that "this is an investment, not an auction", encouraged the audience to go big - one person bid $20 for a sketch about Obama. I countered with a $40 bid for a sketch about Romney. Towards the end, after money had been collected, we were informed that the sketch was focusing on "campaign finance", with the further announcement that all proceeds "were being donated to Planned Parenthood, whether we liked it or not."

In short - everyone (especially people living in Chicago) should see a Second City revue at least once in their life. Be sure to catch Who Do We Think We Are? You'll be eternally grateful.

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