May 29, 2012

BANDTHOLOGY Starts Kicking Out the Jams

This past weekend has seen me play catch-up on a lot of reading and projects...after all, it's been an almost typically mega-hot Chicago weekend, so what else am I going to do.

One of the projects was to catch up on my comic reading, and I found the PDF version of Bandthology - a book whose Kickstarter campaign I supported. So with the latest episode of Sound Opinions in the background, I found myself poring through this book....and quite frankly, this anthology by King Bone Press does a really great job in focusing on indie musicians.

In a way, the book captures the scrappy, punkish spirit of many a band, and that sense of DIY and get-your-pals-to-support you permeates this book. There's a wide variety of styles and stories, providing a great deal of reading pleasure. (My personal favorite is Dan Dougherty's "The Beast in Me", a tale about obsessiveness in pursuing one's talents....although I have some bias for my pals in P.I. Jane who provide another excellent installment of "Pie Vs. Cake" for this volume).

In all honesty, there isn't a really bad story in the bunch - Bandthology is a pretty cool selection for summer comic reading: a book that has an eclectic selection of stories and art styles, a great indie-minded spirit, and a sense of fun that most comics lack.

Buy this. Now.

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