June 11, 2012

My Sordid Fan Fiction Past

Sometimes - just sometimes - I hate the internet.

I was doing some general online searching around my name (purely out of ego, you understand), and found a wiki containing some Doctor Who crossover - and other - fan fiction that I've written.

Fifteen-ish years ago, I participated in a series of round robin writing of Doctor Who crossover and "past Doctor" fiction. (Hey, Paul McGann threatened for a brief shining moment to be the new David Tennant). So I'm offering, in slightly incomplete form (some sites/writing have been taken down; others seem to be lost in the ether). I'm doing this not just to document these efforts (which I think are pretty decent, given their obvious fannishness), but to provide some cheap laughs.

I decided that, rather than identify these excerpts by name, I would choose what I think is the most clever quote. Please feel free to suggest your own. Enjoy!

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