June 30, 2012

Your Weeky Menu of Online Shenanigans

This has been a pretty busy week, including scheduling two job interviews, a successful Doctor Who Meetup (and planning for the regeneration of Bar Tab of Rassilon) completing a rush freelance job, and an outing to Second City (which I'll write about tomorrow).

For now, though, please feel free to check out this book review in the Job Stalker blog for Chicago Now. I've been doing a weekly guest post for awhile, and you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy some good writing. (It's always great to break away from the whole comics-pop culture thing for awhile - after all, while I don't always court controversy, I sometimes have to clarify what I send (simply scroll to the bottom). After all, I have something of a reputation to maintain).

And don't forget - a brand spanking new Zone 4 episode. If you like what you hear, please like our Facebook page, especially since sometimes, I need backup, if you catch my drift....

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