June 28, 2012


So I'm at Vertcon last week - taking in a short comic-related respite before making it out for the more professionally-oriented Techweek. In a church hall of comic professionals, I stand out in my polo and khakis.

"Gordon! Hey, Gordon!" I hear in a slightly hoarse whisper.

Turning around, I see a gentleman nodding me towards him, and he introduces himself - he's Jon Michael Lennon, publisher of Product of Society, head of Cheeselord Comics, and fan of all things comic related.
We talk, exchange pleasantries, and I purchase issues 4 and 5 of Product of Society. He encourages me to post positively about them....or negatively, should I desire.

Thankfully, in the midst of today's heat, I've had the chance to read both issues, and quite honestly.....they're good in a delightfully sick and twisted way. If CR pal Decapitated Dan likes these books, then my reaction is a double okey-dokey.

These aren't to everyone's taste - issue 4 (written solely by Jon with a variety of artists) has a uniquely perverse mindset, and the tone of the writing may not be your cup of tea. (Since I have a very warped sensibility, I really enjoyed reading this book). You have to appreciate a story, for example, which involves radioactive beavers and the phrase, Does my destiny involve a grilled cheese sandwich? (Trust me, reading the story is infinitely better than my attempting to paraphrase it).

Issue 5 takes on a more general anthology approach with a variety of authors and artists....although it's not quite as warped, there is a really strong otherworldly vibe about it....as well as a nice, slanted take on reality. (And a pal wrote one of the stories in issue 5 - I'll let you guess who and which tale).

All in all, Product of Society is a pretty cool find - some solid tales with a slightly off-kilter perspective that make some pretty good reading.

Well worth seeking out.

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