July 20, 2012

About the Aurora Shootings....

There's really not much I can say.....I debated whether or not I should blog about this; however, the only commentary I can provide I had written early this morning on Facebook. Consider this my only statement, since I'm still reeling from the news:

Unfortunately, the Aurora shootings bring back sad, powerful memories for me - I lived in Eugene with my then-fiance and her kids when school shootings occurred in 1998. The community lived through a time of confusion, of grief, sorrow, and disconnectedness. Thankfully, they (and we) were able to move through by simply acknowledging our hurts....and being good to one another. May I humbly ask that we refrain from name calling, finger pointing, and quite honestly, divisiveness and snark during this time? Because what the people of Aurora really need....is our support and kindness. Not our anger and sarcasm.

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