August 31, 2012

Friday Pie Time

Probably the biggest news in my life this week would have to be...the release of Wonderman #1 via Excalibur Webcomics. Here's a direct link, and they're posting one page at a time. If you like the strip, please feel free to leave your comments below. Would love to read if people like my writing, and (other than the recent commission for issue #2) there's room for more of my writing about Fred Duncan.

Speaking of which, if you know someone in Chicago who needs social media training, I'm putting on Sherlock Holmes & The Social Media Mystery on September 10th. Yes, there is a small fee, but it's a relative bargain. For more information, please visit the Dabble page (and forward this link - - to your pals).

There's also a great episode of Zone 4, where we basically praise a great American hero and trash talk a national disgrace. Yes, friends, this week Captain Ron, Brant, John and I manage to talk about Neil Armstrong and Rob Liefeld in the same conversation, with various results. It's something you definitely need to hear.

Finally, I think I may have a new addition to the Job Stalker team (will need to follow up this weekend) and there's plenty to read at One Cause At A Time. (I've been asked why I don't have a Facebook page for it - given that I just started, and am running other FB pages professionally, I think it might be overkill - what do you think?)

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