August 15, 2012

More August Affiliate Mania Abounds

Remember awhile ago, I had posted some affiliate links for Archer?

Well, in an effort to drive traffic to the blog (as well as to get a little bit of extra cash for me and the kitty), I'm posting some cool pictures of some great merchandise from my other favorite show on F/X, Justified.

It's the kind of show that if you like a heady mix of Westerns and modernism, it's one of the better shows on television. I love it to death, and quite honestly, am looking forward to season three on DVD.

So here's the scoop - click on a picture, order from the store, and I get a wee bit of change. No obligation, but quite honestly - it prevents me from turning this blog into an advertising bonanza. (Plus, it keeps F/X happy).

Thanks for the indulgence!

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