August 14, 2012

The Continuing Story of Harry Lime

One of the benefits of being a proofreader for Radio Archives' pulp reprints is that I essentially get gift certificates in exchange....which allows me to purchase several of their fine products, including pulp ebooks and audiobooks.

One of which is the sublime Lives of Harry Lime radio show, based on a character from one of my absolute favorite films. These shows are so good, I would actually spend my own money to purchase all four volumes.

Admittedly, this series serves as a "prequel" to The Third Man; however, unlike some other prequel series currently running, there's no awkward foreshadowing or even "spot the reference". The Lives of Harry Lime features the character entering into adventures of mystery and intrigue in a variety of exotic locations.

It also helps that this set features the radio work of Orson Welles - even without elements of the fantastic (such as a Martian Invasion or a slouch-hatted, pistol-wielding alter ego), Welles' ability to suggest a variety of moods in dialogue is near musical in its ability. These are really solidly written, well enacted dramas that provide a pretty cool atmosphere.

(Yes, I know you can download these for free elsewhere, but the remastering that Radio Archives has done is simply gorgeous. Even if I didn't have a "business" relationship with them, I would still promote the heck out of these shows. And no, I get nothing if you order these shows other than the satisfaction of knowing that something cool is being enjoyed by others.

Besides, if you want more affiliate-oriented action, come back in 24 hours. I won't disappoint).

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