September 24, 2012

A Pulp-Flavored Follow-Up & Opportunity

Back in April, I had reviewed Radio Archives' audiobook version of The Spider: Prince of the Red Looters. It was one of the releases which I "earned" as a proofreader for Radio Archives (and thankfully, it's meant that I haven't had to choose between pulp reissues and Ramen Noodles), and thankfully, Radio Archives is going one better.

Recently, the company announced its Total Pulp Experience initiative. In many of its pulp novel reissues, Radio Archives is including the short stories which were included with the novel. It's a great way that, for a small price, you can check out some of this great literature. (In addition, you can also access electronic copies for your iPad/Nook/electronic reader).

But thankfully, Radio Archives is also allowing you to check out Prince of the Red Looters for free. Just send an e-mail to and you will receive a free electronic copy. It's a great story and quite honestly, getting a free copy will simply lead you to the addiction that I currently have for many of Radio Archives' fine products....and that will keep me coming back to the site.

Oh, and the irony - I started with the audio version of Prince of the Red Looters and that led me to the e-book; after reading the initial ebook for a comic scripting assignment, I'm now listening to the audiobook version of this character.

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