September 25, 2012

Life In Transition (or "Why I've Been Away")...

As you've probably noticed, I have not been as regular on this blog as I may have been in the past. Perhaps you're wondering what's going on with me....or if something's wrong.

I'm fine (although right now, suffering through a slight cold), and have been busy with freelance work.

My life has gotten....well, a little busier, a little bit more engaged. It's not just the burgeoning writing career (which has taken up a bit more of my time, being a non-profit tech blogger, writing a guest blog, and contributing to a job search blog), but I'm finding that I'm becoming much more "in demand" for certain activities. Some of them I turn down because of time constraints, and others have turned me down. (Like a conference who could not decide whether I could be charged a "reduced consultant rate" to attend, or that I was a "volunteer" who could not attend....after they investigated me via Linked In).

However, what leaves me with a positive experience is that I'm smack dab into investigating a whole new field of endeavor - I'm not so much leaving the non-profit world behind as I am entering a cool side door into other possibilities. I've also been recovering from a particularly nasty six months earlier this year - nothing major, just the realization that sometimes, even though "no" is a complete sentence, some people expect an essay. (And yes, I'm being very vague. Deliberately so)

Life right now is....interesting. In a good way. But perhaps in letting go of what I think I should be doing....I'm finding myself falling into a cool new pattern.

And I'm enjoying every second.

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