November 17, 2012

Clap For The Wolfman

Wolfman Mac Photo Via Flickr
One aspect of Chicago life that I absolutely watching Svengoolie. Yes, there is the slightly nostalgic aspect to it, but there's also the fact that Sven is proof that local pop culture can be just as influential - and enjoyable - as its more corporate, global cousins.

Thankfully, a random Google search some time ago led me to discover another practitioner in the art of horror hosts....I'm talking, of course, about Wolfman Mac, host of Chiller Drive-In out of Novi, Michigan (about 30 minutes from Detroit). Much like Sven, Chiller Drive-In (thankfully available via online streaming video as well as a fledgling digital channel) shows classic/vintage horror/science fiction movies (mostly B-movies) interspersed with comedic sketches and interludes.

And much like Sven, the humor is very much in a tongue-in-cheek loving tone. Although Wolfman Mac and his co-stars (including a cheeky skeleton) create a more 1950s/hipster vibe, they serve to complement the movie that they're showing. (Thankfully, the show never stoops to mocking its films openly, carefully balancing irreverence with a love of lesser-known material). It's also very family friendly, and quite honestly - if you're going to procrastinate, I can't think of any better way to do so.

For the longest time, I felt fortunate enough to have my own local classically-inspired horror host. Now, I'm fortunate enough to have two of them.

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