November 18, 2012

The "No More Twinkies" Brouhaha

We've just come from one of the more divisive elections in recent history, and are moving towards an impending discussion about the "fiscal cliff". Many of us are trying to find work - to survive - in a shaky economy, and what is the main source of conversation?

"No More Twinkies" as Hostess moves into Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Much like Roger, I am a little concerned about the slant of the news, almost pointing an accusing finger and claiming "it's the union's fault"....especially since the heads of Hostess may have engaged in some possibly-not-quite-ethical financial shenanigans before the strike.

First, even as Hostess progresses, there is always the opportunity for some enterprising company to purchase the brand and its assets. To echo sentiments from last night's Zone 4 recording - come on, Disney! You own Star Wars and Marvel, why not have a food product to compliment them!

But I also wonder if much of Hostess' simply part of the changing times.

We're focused more on eating healthier foods, and less dependent on snack cakes. Perhaps the fact that we began using traditional "junk" food as elements of high cuisine (like the deep fried Twinkie in the photo), external events seem to shift as if to say, "This just isn't right." Although I may sound a bit conservative on this, we have a variety of other goods in the general marketplace which are of much higher quality than Hostess' products. So although yes, I'll miss having junk food....I really haven't eaten any except for trying chocolate-filled Twinkies a few months ago.

(Verdict - the most vile taste I have ever experienced).

And for those people hoarding boxes of Twinkies....well, I won't scold you and correct your belief that Twinkies last forever (they don't). But I will encourage you to take the initiative and make your own.

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