November 5, 2012

The Sexism In Fandom Brouhaha

Sometimes - just sometimes - I often find myself looking at fandom in a critical way, and often wondering, "Does anyone else really get it?"

Recently, I came across two pieces - one through another site and another via a local pal's blog - focusing on female roles in fandom, whether it's about "fake fans" (or as my pals the Nerd Girls would say, "booth babes") or misogyny in other fields such as music.

Of course, it would be easy for me to proclaim, as a "feminist-friendly" blogger, that there is rampant misogyny....because it's true.

I'm also more concerned with what's even more concerting - somehow, that having nerdy or geeky interests makes you "special", and that "nerd hierarchy" is becoming less of a snarky term....and more of a way of being. It's the feeling that somehow, unless you are so immersed into something that it becomes your own, or you are into the "right" shows, you somehow lose "nerd cred."

It's dumb. It's stupid, and we should know better.

I'm not sure there's more of a point, but I'll open it up, especially since I'm not sure how to express myself without ranting.

So please, your thoughts? Comments? And please keep them polite and civil.

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