December 18, 2012

Christmas Already?

It's a little less than a week before Christmas, and yes, I did remark on this via Facebook, but it's kind of worth repeating - and mulling over in the blog.

I'm just not feeling the Christmas spirit.

Now, it's not because of recent news out of Connecticut, or even the usual "over commercialization of our culture" argument. Maybe it's because of my own work situation (I've been busy applying, networking, and following up to no avail), the lack of seasonal weather (although snow is allegedly forecast for this week), or even just plain apathy, but when it comes to Christmas ain't happening.

I have no interest in Christmas music (except maybe involving obnoxiously loud guitars), and really don't feel enthusiastic about the holiday (except for Roger supporting my Bogie/Serling Day efforts), but if I were to describe my overall mood about the holiday in one word, it would be Grinch.

Yes, it is needlessly negative, but quite honestly....I can take or leave this holiday. I'm finding it a little hard to engage in holiday cheer.

So excuse me while I keep my head down and plow through until December 26th.

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