December 17, 2012

Seeing More of THE STARS

One of the great advantages of being a blogger is receiving complimentary copies of comics...and this is one time where I like being "in the know". Awhile ago, I had reviewed issue one of Earthbound's The Stars, which at first glance looked like another Authority riff, but which really kicked off the six issue series in high gear.

Issue two of The Stars doesn't disappoint - in fact, it manages to balance both moving the plot forward while still establishing the fictional world of the Stars.

Kurt Belcher does a great job of creating a very celebrity-driven culture (fueled by our fictional superheroes) and establishing a really good, credible threat to their world. Belcher's art manages to balance a slightly more animated style with some nice caricaturing and great action sequences. Here's a really good example:

Quite simply, The Stars is one of the better indie series being published - you would do well to add this to your reading list. You can purchase copies via IndyPlanet and Drive Thru Comics (and be sure to copy issue 1 as well).

At a time when the majors are revamping, rebooting, and getting involved in editorial and managerial shenanigans, it's nice to see that the indie scene can fill the gap and put out some solid comics. If you're looking for a good gateway to indie comics, consider Earthbound's The Stars. One read, and you'll be hooked. honestly.

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