February 27, 2013

I Know Cool People: Mike Luoma's VATICAN ASSASSIN

FULL DISCLOSURE: Electronic copies were provided for purposes of review. My opinions are my own

With all of the intrigue about the changing of the Pope, it seems apt that one of my Zone 4 pals, Mike Luoma, would write one of the best religiously-themed stories, couched in a setting mixing space opera and good old fashioned intrigue.

Vatican Assassin, released via Glow-in-The-Dark Comics, is a great 4 issue mini-series featuring the activities of Bernard Campion, a "special agent" for the Vatican in the year 2109. Caught in the midst of conflict, Bernard finds himself with a difficult mission, eventually running into an old flame, having a very unique experience (which he's unsure is real), and ultimately finding himself in the midst of intrigue and politics

With today's release of issue 4 (and having read all of the previous issues), this is one indie comic that deserves to be read - a mix of disparate styles that never seems derivative; a plot that drives along with a minimum of exposition; and some great art by Christian Navarro that compliments the story without being excessively showy.

Basically, Vatican Assassin is a really good comic tale that deserves your attention.

For more details, check out the Vatican Assassin Home Page or Glow in the Dark Radio.

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