March 1, 2013

Soft End to a Hard Week

Things have been....well, this week started a bit dramatically.

First, there's no more "potential plus one". There had been a candidate (which I left off the blog because, well, you read this blog for snarky comments about comics and popular culture, not romance), but it's not happening.

In addition, Mom's cat Smokey passed on Monday. These things are rarely easy to talk about, but at the very least, he passed with a minimum of pain.

In happier news, had a promising phone screen that led to scheduling a potentially promising phone interview on Monday, so my weekend will be spent prepping for that. But don't let that stop you from participating in the Hire Me, Pal! Initiative - for more information, visit

Finally, there's this week's Zone 4, where we talk about a variety of news items, and I chew out one of my co-hosts for disrespecting a comic character. Meaning - I'm starting to slowly, but surely, get back to a somewhat normal mode of operating.

But enough of my blogging - I have some DVDs to watch thanks to BBC Home Entertainment. (Which will lead to, obviously, more blogging)

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