July 4, 2013

A Different Kind of "Fireworks" On the 4th of July

As many of you long-term readers may know, things...have kept me a bit busy for the past few months. Thankfully, life is beginning to settle into a more comfortable form of uncertainty.

On the job front - have been progressing slowly, with one really brief assignment and a ton of interviews. Here's hoping that I can break through and actually do some actual long-term work. Thankfully, my powers as a blogger have enabled me to keep current on some new releases (those Doctor Who DVDs aren't going to watch themselves, you know), and keeping a semi-structured day floating between wi-fi hotspots keeps me going.

But all in all, some good things - the Zone 4 podcast is going great guns, I'm starting to get back into the swing of blogging for Chicago Now, I'm coming back into my own on Twitter and Facebook and yes, I know about that other blog at the old domain. Trust me, I'm on it like a bonnet, but until you hear from me otherwise, please point your browsers to http://blogthispal.blogspot.com.

(That's the new hip phrase that I want the teenagers to use - on it like a bonnet. I'm sure pal Roger will write a blog post with that very title)

So today, I'll be heading over to Mom's and hanging out with her and Chucky, the cat. Part of my time is going to also be spent catching up on writing (I have WonderMan issue 4 to write - issue 2 is drawn, and I sent the script for issue 3 a few months ago) and doing some blog and other writing (including Comic Related and Chicago Nerd Social Club, as well as some long-overdue tweaking on this blog).

Until tomorrow, friends - have a happy and safe 4th of July, no matter where you live.

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