July 9, 2013

Two Chances to Meet Doctor 1.5

Many people are unaware that, in the 1960s, two spinoff films were made from Doctor Who featuring Peter Cushing as the title character.

Although many a fan wonders about how "canon" this Doctor is, I'm happy to announce two opportunities for Chicago area fans to view the film. (If you live elsewhere, make travel plans).

First, on July 17th, the Chicago Doctor Who Meetup group is sponsoring a viewing of Dr Who and the Daleks at Third Coast Comics. Please check out the details and if you can make it - RSVP.

If you can't, well, the Doctor Who and Chicago MST3K Meetup groups are doing a joint "official" screening of the Rifftrax version on October 19th at the Irish-American Heritage Center. (Yes, there's a cost involved, but it involves licensing). To express your interest in the event, head on over to the event page and RSVP.

And now, back to job seeking!

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