October 13, 2013

This Week's Online Shenanigans (With Bonus Pulp Review!)

(Note: as always, a complimentary electronic copy of Shadow Legion was provided for review purposes. My views are my own).

This past week, I had the opportunity to interview Thomas Deja, one of the co-hosts of Better In the Dark (a must-hear movie and pop culture podcast) as part of this week's Zone 4 episode. We focused on his novel Shadow Legion: New Roads to Hell, a great Golden Age-era superhero tale in sparkling prose....

....which I enjoyed immensely. Much like Adventures of Lazarus Gray, this is a very pleasant read and a great alternative to the less-than-stellar work other companies are putting out. It's a great mix of Golden Age superheroics and supernatural elements, and is an outstanding debut. Definitely worth reading.

I also had the opportunity to guest on pal JB's Who 37 podcast and discuss the Chicago TARDIS Charity Auction to benefit the Northern Illinois Food Bank. If you're interested in making a donation, please fill out this convenient online form, and e-mail me at auction@chicagotardis.com if you have questions and/or you would like some help in promoting the auction. (No, I can't hook you up with passes, but you've purchased them already, right?)

Speaking of Who-related goodness, check out both of these posts for Chicago Nerd Social Club. Oh, and I have a job interview on Monday - wish me luck!

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