October 5, 2013

Two Weeks' Worth of Online Shenanigans

Admittedly, the past few weeks have been busy with both professional efforts (finishing a draft of a story - and yes, I'll be getting the contract to the appropriate person within the next few days) and a bit of personal tragedy (will blog on that shortly)....

...first, before I begin, I ask my readers: are these weekly summaries of everything else I'm doing useful? Granted, I'm happy to do it (it helps my Google rankings), but I'm also wanting to be more accessible, and performing some "market research" so I can improve my blogging.

(Yes, graduate classes at DePaul are influencing my decision making...:)

And now, some of my efforts from the past few weeks - for your reading pleasure:

And this week, coming up I have the following projects (in order to remain accountable)
  • Continuing to follow up and engage around finding work (either freelance or full-time; if you know someone who's seeking a non-profit marketer, refer them to http://linkd.in/gordondym, and yes, I'll work remote)
  • A review of Terror of the Zygons on DVD for this blog;
  • A review of The Doctors Revisited: Five Through Eight for Chicago Nerd Social Club;
  • Finishing the latest script for the Wonderman web comic (and yes, I know the first issue isn't complete - I'm merely writing it, and am working on issue # 4); and
  • Tracking down the guy who is cybersquatting on my domain (of course, I could go public on this blog - thoughts?)

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