May 17, 2014

Working My SEO Mojo

In an effort to provide you with some blogging goodness (at least, until I finish reading/viewing the stuff that I will be writing about in the next few days), here are some various highlights that I, Gordon Dymowski, have written in the past few weeks:
  • I've been writing some pretty cool posts around technology, nonprofits, and the social good via Chicago Now's One Cause At A Time - if you're so moved, please feel free to visit and like the site on Facebook as well.
  • Found via a random Google search of my name: here's a really nice write-up of Windy City Pulp & Paper
  • You might also want to check out the past 2 - 3 episodes of the Zone 4 podcast, if only because,....well, sometimes I think that we have a hard time distinguishing "hating" from "having a different opinion" (and yes, I'll be writing about that in the next few weeks)
  • A hearty shout-out which links to my report on Windy City Pulp & Paper
  • As you may be aware, the Chicago Geek Breakfast is going great guns, and so you're always more than welcome to join us on the second Thursday of the month (or on Twitter)
  • Finally, if you're looking for some good reads (as well as looking to support the blog), please feel free to order any of the books below - I've edited most of them (The Wind-Up Kid being the sole exception), and they're all pretty good reads. Ordering from the neat widget below puts a few cents in my pocket (at least, until I'm formally published - details will be forthcoming), and if you approach me with a legally purchased copy, I'll sign it. So there. 

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