June 7, 2014

All the Elsewheres I've Been

This has been one heck of a week - busy with a variety of networking opportunities, job interviews....and Mom heading into the hospital yesterday.

(Nothing major - just a few tests. Most likely, it's dehydration. I'm currently house/cat sitting for her.)

While I'm working on two projects (one writing/one editing) for Airship 27 Productions, that's meant a bit of a break from the blog....and that's, well, that's a priority I need to adjust. Too much rushing and not enough contemplation are deadly.....

...but for now, enjoy this review of An Adventure in Time and Space for Chicago Nerd Social Club, as well as the latest edition of One Cause At a Time.

All I can say is...some plans are coming into fruition, and you'll probably be begging me to stay quiet a few months from now....

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