November 15, 2014

Saturday Poetry Corner

As I was going through some old documents (mostly to find some old work stuff for a potential client), I came across this - a poem that I had written (but unsure whether I had submitted) for an online site.

That's right - I wrote poetry at one point in my life.

Most of my poetry was done in high school, and dealth with the angst of puberty. This is something a little bit (but safe for work), and in an effort to change up the blog, thought I would offer it for your consideration. It was written - and the title referred to - a particular person; I've removed the title to preserve this person's anonymity. Some of you may guess who it is; that's fine, but I'll neither confirm nor deny. This person deserves their privacy, and they can reach out to me if they wish.

And yes, I know the graphic has nothing to do with the poem....but it got your attention, didn't it?

You remind me no less of a
Roman statue come to
Life -- your noble profile, your form almost
Symmetry made flesh, as if too
Perfect for this

We are formal with each other - we have to be - the
Rules of engagement
Require us to be
Professional. Casual. Never
Breaking down the never acknowledged
Invisible wall.

But oh, how I would simply love to
Bring down that wall, the dare
Defy the codes and rules and simply
Reveal...I barely
Know you, yet I have this great
Pallette of
Emotions for you...

Why must every decision for
Me be one of life or
Death? Even if you were
Partnered, all that would
Result is some
Embarrassment, maybe I would
Hurt awhile, then

My only consolation is that,
For brief moments, I can be with
You, and enjoy your

...and feel a little
Less like
J. Alfred Prufrock.

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