January 6, 2015

Review: TWITTER WHO Volumes 1 & 2

As winter hits hard in Chicago, my thoughts go back to November....and Chicago TARDIS. Working the silent auction, I was fortunate enough to meet Hannah - a really cool volunteer who seriously rocked an Osgood cosplay.

(Side note - men my age should never, under any circumstances, use the phrase "rock the **** cosplay).

When she handed me a card promoting her books which were compilations of live tweets of classic Doctor Who episodes, I was intrigued enough to purchase Volume One of Twitter Who via Smashwords. That led to me Volume Two (focusing on the Second Doctor), and quite honestly - these are must-reads for any Doctor Who fan.

You're probably thinking "Why should I read live tweets of shows I already watch"? Much like pal John of Comic Related (who performs the same task with Agents of SHIELD), Hannah Rothman takes a very pointed, snarky - and fun - look at classic Who. In a fandom where several people take themselves way too seriously (a friend of mine nearly lost his stuff because I was bad at Twitter math), Hannah does a really good job at highlighting some aspects of early Who....especially since much of these episodes are only available as reconstructions.

(Plus, she had me at Made of Walruses. You're going to have to purchase the books yourself to get the joke).

Another cool thing about both books is that they're published through Smashwords - it's a self-publishing platform that provides a great deal of books. (My publisher, Pro Se Productions, and pal Mike Luoma have used the platform in the past). You're able to get the books in a variety of formats, including PDF (for those of you who may not have tablets). There's even an online reader - even if you don't own any kind of device, there's a nice flexibility to the platform that I'm really liking.

Seriously, though - Volumes One and Two of Twitter Who are really good reading, especially for non-Who fans. I think you'll get a kick out of both (and can't wait for Volume 3).

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