January 1, 2015

Blog THIS, Pal! 2014 in Review

Here's a little something that happens every year on the blog - in order to get us off to a new start, I go through the blog archives, randomly select an entry, and link to it via a quote.

(It's not only quite clever, but helps with the old search optimization).

So this year, much like John Oliver on Last Week Tonight, we're going to take a slightly less-than-respectful look at the year in Blog THIS, Pal!. Enjoy!

January - This book doesn't just deserve your attention - it demands it.

February - it was originally slated for William Hartnell before....well, you know...

March - It's a companion piece to my other series, Adventures of a Wannabe Writer and Creative Procrastination

April - the ten to fifteen minutes spent feeding her and giving her attention in the morning is now spent....waking up

May - Just thank God I couldn't find my long-lost Doctor Who pitch from high school, which involved the Fifth Doctor, Ice Warriors, and crystallized uranium

June - (It was the dark days of Chicago cable, and my mom and dad were concerned with more important matters like sending me to college and making sure I had a roof over my head. Sue me.)

July - Crime Master focuses on Gordon Manning's conflict with super-criminal The Griffin. (And no, you may not make a Family Guy joke).

August - ...he's the kind of guy who believes Chekhov's gun refers to the fact that, if you show a gun in Act 1, you use it to shoot Ensign Chekhov

September - ....and it all started during the polar vortex with a dog taking a dump in front of my building.

October - Although I'm still unsure how I feel about Mathieson's Mummy on the Orient Express ...

November - a total, incoherent mess that wouldn't know "subtlety" if it had a name tag announcing "Hello, My Name is Subtlety" on its lapel.

December - Most of my time was spent drinking tea, eating chicken soup with a shot of garlic, and not talking

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