May 5, 2015

5 Things I Learned Reading DC's CONVERGENCE

When I'm not engaging in my Rocketing Into Spring Road Show - or currently enjoying the heck out of my new freelance gig - I've been reading comics.

Most notably, DC's Convergence "event" series.

There's been a lot of coverage of this event, and I'm not going to be an exception. However, rather than perform a traditional review, I thought I would engage in my semiregular habit of posting 5 bullet pointed items...more specifically, 5 things that I have learned reading DC's Convergence series.

  1. Yes, comics in the 1990s really were that bad - Thank you so much, Week 2, for reminding me of this. But not in a very painful way.
  2. The Big Two Aren't Subtle About Their Universe-Spanning Changes: Let's see - we have Multiversity (which is a much better variation on Crisis on Infinite Earths) and Marvel's Secret Wars (which is a similar premise). Plus, with the most recent issue of Justice looks like both companies are looking to clean house. Or, in DC's case, "more business as usual"....
  3. DC will pretty much publish anything, won't they? - I understand the need to thoroughly use all of their past characters & content: after all, DC gets plagued with the usual complaints of "why-don't-you-make-comics-like-I-remember-as-a-youngster"? But there's something a bit off about the choices they're making: Crime Syndicate? (And why not the Morrison version?) Superman in Detective Comics? Earth-2 Robin & Huntress in Action Comics? Yes, this is published during the office move from New York to California....but there should be some form of 'editorial control'. (You know, thanks to Scott Lobdell's Blue Beetle and Keith Giffen's Supergirl Matrix, I've lost my love of the bwah-ha-ha.
  4. Yes, nostalgia will play a key factor - OK, I loved both Legion books. And the Infinity Inc. one-shot. But the whole premise - various heroes trapped in a city for an entire year - gets a little tiresome. And some concepts don't need to be their own books or universes (Really? Vampire Justice League? Who asked for that?) and finally:
  5. Some revivals speak for themselves: I will accept DC's Convergence only because it offers us this panel. Which I love to death for various reasons....and in all honesty, makes me wish they would go back to basics. 

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