May 6, 2015

Orson Welles: The 100th Birthday Blog Retrospective

To think that it all started in high school AP English class....

That's when I first saw Citizen Kane....but more importantly, was introduced to the talent of Orson Welles.

I remembered him (at that point) as more of the "Paul Masson wine" guy - you know, the fat man who would sell no wine before its time? But after that point, I was....well, much more open minded...

Then I saw The Third Man in college - as well as the later restoration rerelease....and was hooked. Heck, I even wrote a Welles-themed story for Airship 27 Productions. (And yes, Ron, this is a very blatant attempt to bully and blackmail you into publishing it).

But on this 100th anniversary of Orson Welles' birth, I am choosing to celebrate not with reminisces....but with some choice selections of Wellesian fare from this very blog.

The  best tribute I can give to Welles is to point to his work. Enjoy!

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