September 16, 2015

Ask Gordon Anything - Roger Green Part Two

Since Roger was cool enough to ask a series of questions - and since I opted to answer part of them earlier this are Roger's other two questions.

Roger first asks, Where are you on the God/religion journey?

You know, I consider myself something of a "cafeteria spiritual seeker" - I have an interest in more Eastern modes of thought (like Hinduism, Buddhism, Tao), which seems to inform my Catholic upbringing. I'm not quite sure how to answer this that doesn't seem either pretentious - or possibly putting down other people's beliefs - but here goes....

I believe that, yes, there is a God.

Do I believe the Bible is the exact word of God? No - it's man's experience of God through mortal filters at a particular time and place.

If anything (and yes, I'm going to be raked over the coals for this belief) - I believe God's presence permeates our existence. He's always there if we wish to see him....and He's there from the greatest to the smallest personal moments. I've "eliminated the middle man" in terms of dealing with God...and I also think that any God who chooses to live amongst us in mortal form - and die in the ugliest, nastiest way possible rather than escape - is the kind of God worth emulating.

And that part of the challenge of being a spiritual being is working hard to making sure I emulate those divine principles.

(And Roger - I hope that I didn't sound too pompous in that answer).

But for some plucky comic relief, Roger than asks, OK, is Donald Trump a comedic giant, the end of American civilization, or something else?

Warning - you wanted a political answer, you're going to get one.

Donald Trump is the Tea Party's ideal candidate - a "right talking" person who speaks his mind, and who offers bogus answers rather than solid policy suggestions.

Without denigrating any other Republican candidates - the fact that Trump is so vastly popular speaks less to substance and more to style. He's the kind of guy who believes that branding his name on everything is "building his brand"...and who can't tell the difference between thinking he's the smartest guy in his room and actually being the smartest guy in the room.

In short, he's a joke. And the fact that he's up in the polls say less about the potential weaknesses in any of the other Republican candidates....and more about Trump's ability to play up to the prejudices of some American voters.

In short, Roger - he's all of the above.

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