November 5, 2015

Join Me For November (Doctor) Who-Liganisms!

So you're probably thinking, "Hey, Gordon's a busy guy, and I would love to get together with him to hang....but how do I go about doing that?"

Two opportunities, everyone, to socialize with me and "get your Who on."

First, the Chicago Nerd Social Club and Chicago Doctor Who Meetup group hold weekly viewing parties of new Doctor Who every week at the Red Lion Pub in Lincoln Park. You're welcome to join us upstairs for The Zygon Inversion - it's an hour's worth of socializing followed by this week's episode of Doctor Who. It's a pretty cool crowd, and more importantly, all you need to do is let us know your coming (via Eventbrite)

Also, it's getting down to the wire for Chicago TARDIS - not just for the auction, but since Alex Kingston (aka "River Song") will be there on Friday and's going to be really cool. Here are some details for helping with the auction (which benefits Northern Illinois Food Bank - just click around and you'll find a way to register at the last moment.

So please, join me. You'll have fun. I guarantee it.

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