November 7, 2015

What I'm Writing When I'm Not Blogging

Now that I've made the transition to "published writer" (and I have the Amazon Author's page to prove it), you're probably all wondering, "Hey, Gordon, what else are you writing?"

Well, truth be told much of my current time is spent working on freelance work. (And don't worry - another monthly blogaround's coming soon). One of the advantages of being a pulp writer is that I get to write some cool stories that are entertaining. That I want to write, instead of feeling the desperate need to avoid writing.

I'm going to be vague - after all, I really shouldn't spoil stories that will earn me money (think "extra large coffee at Dunkin Donuts" level royalties), but they're great opportunities.

First is a four-issue comic series for an up-and-coming comics publisher. It's indie, but they sent me a really cool premise....and I'm in the midst of breaking it down and preparing the proposal. (They were even cool enough to extend the deadline for me). It's a great fit to what I've been doing....and it's just a matter of deciding whether to go in a two-gun-adventurer direction, or more of a gentleman thief-direction.

The other is a short story for a really cool anthology with a great premise. It's a slight change of pace - it's more of a noir/heist piece than anything. However, I'm also drawing on my love of local history (especially local Chicago history). It's due to be published in the summer, and I'm really excited.

So what can you do? You know that link above? Click it. Order one of my books, read it, and review it on your blog,, etc. Because writing's no good if nobody reads it. And I love to be read.

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