January 1, 2016

Blog THIS, Pal: 2015 In Review

It's become a yearly tradition for Blog THIS, Pal! - I wish I could remember who started it. (I think pal Roger, but I could be sorely mistaken).

But it's a great way for me to generate some content and help build my SEO (especially after a pesky cybersquatter stole the domain I had bought...and the less-than-ethical domain registrar never gave me a chance to pay my bill).

Simply put: I choose one random blog post per month, and link to it via a clever quote. It allows me to not only see how far I've come, but it also provides an opportunity to highlight stuff. (Plus, it strengthens my search engine presence).

Without further adieu, here's my year in review

January - In our current age, he would have put-upon bloggers (like me) berating him for any failures. In short, "You're failing because you're not doing what I think you should be doing...."

...and he didn't

February -  We've seen a city move from enthusiasm over an Olympic bid that would "improve the community"....to apathy and a reluctance to actually get their hands dirty doing it.

March - Good documentaries do more than just describe a situation - they create a context and a narrative that reaffirms human truths.

April - Today, I'll be serving as election judge in the Chicago Mayoral election, so I won't be posting anything today. (It's against the rules, you know).

May -  (Yes, you read that correctly - a heroin addict turned cartoon bear)

June - I'm proud to have been part of the Comic Related family. I'm also not ashamed to say that publicly.

July - Make no mistake - I'm not being cynical or snarky when I tell you that this is the most heartwarming movie about Batman that you will ever watch.

August -  Throughout the history of comics, there have been characters who...well, may not have been well-developed. Who may have been created in a flash of inspiration, but further follow up....well, just didn't happen.

September - Shenanigans ensue, and the cliffhanger is the Doctor seeming to say, "Why of course I would!"

October - I could simply cut and paste the essay from the original Word document and post it here, but that would be 1) lazy and 2) detrimental to sales.

November -  Think of it as Sapphire & Steel meets Fight Club

December - I'm going to say this once: Robert Conrad should be receiving the kind of ironic respect that is showered on William Shatner.

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