May 28, 2016


Full Disclosure: An electronic copy of the comic and promotional materials were provided for review purposes. 

You know, I always enjoy when friends send me copies of their work to review. It serves as a bit of a palate cleanser (because I'm usually reading tons of other things for professional reasons) and break (because being a freelancer isn't easy). So when pal Mike Luoma of Glow In the Dark Radio sent me a copy of The Adventures of Alibi Jones # 2, I was pleased.

Even more pleasing was the fact that this is a pretty solid book. Although the issues consists of two shorter stories, I really appreciate the economy of Mike's writing, and The Adventures of Alibi Jones # 2 would serve as a great springboard for readers to check out other works featuring the character. 

Adventures of Alibi Jones # 2 - Vacation

The book's first tale, Vacation, involves Jones, his girlfriend, their feline-styled acquaintance, and a planet called "Paradise". Illustrated by David Siddall, Vacation manages to balance a fast-paced tale with some great characterization. Thanks to Matt Grant's inks and Jerry Lucas' coloring provide a very pleasant effect to the art, making this tale a really great lead for the book.

Illustrated by Meisha (with inks by Bill Nicholls and coloring by Ken Lateer, Alibi Jones & the Wishing Stone is a great character piece. It's a simple premise - Alibi Jones is sent to locate an artifact that grants wishes - but it leads to a much greater revelation about Alibi Jones. (Really can't spoil it). It's the kind of complex character building that's missing from more mainstream publishers....and Mike Luoma manages to do it in only a few pages.

The book also features two pin-ups: one by Ben Ferrari (with colors by Juan Carlos Quattordi); and the other is the cover for Alibi Jones and the Hornet's Nest by Federico Guillen. Both are really great pieces of art.

My exposure to comics both mainstream and indie has been limited the past few months, due to work. But sometimes, the right comic can lead to a greater sense of enjoyment about comics. Glow in the Dark Radio's The Adventures of Alibi Jones # 2 is such a comic, and it's a definite must-read.

Available via Comixology and Drive-Thru Comics, you don't have an excuse. Buy it. You'll thank me later.

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