August 14, 2016

About RED HOT # 3 By Mike Luoma/Glow In the Dark Comics

Has there really been three issues of Red Hot, written by Mike Luoma and published by Glow in the Dark Comics?

Google answers - no. I wrote about issue one here, and issue two here.

And on August 24th, Red Hot will hit issue three, concluding its first story arc. And trust me - it's a really cool conclusion.

(Plus, you can easily order through Glow-in-the-Dark's page...and catch up on Mike's other excellent work).

One of the best things about this book (which was written and lettered by Mike - and yes, he and I are on a first-name basis) is the art. Illustrated by Juan Carlos Quattordio (FIERRO, GPS del AMOR), Red Hot # 3 starts with a climax and never lets go. It's a really strong, well-paced book with a twist that I never saw coming...and quite honestly, I don't think I would have. 

But what's also cool is how Red Hot establishes a great new universe. Or, as Mike says: 

"Happy to be releasing Red Hot three – great to be finishing with Juan Carlos what Rhys ap Gwyn and I began," Luoma said. "With his introductory story now complete with this issue, we hope comic book readers will give RED HOT a chance!"
I have to admit, I haven't been doing a lot of comics reading...and I've been missing it. Red Hot # 3 from Glow in the Dark Comics is a great reminder of how much fun reading comics can be.

Red Hot # 3 will be available digitally at comiXology and Drive Thru Comics and in print at Indy Planet.

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