July 23, 2004

Exile in Da Lou-Ville

OK, so it's been an emotionally ragged week, I have to prepare to give testimony in Ballwin on Monday for legislation, and what does a boy do?

Take up a pal's offer to see Liz Phair at the Riversplash concert series.

First, have to admit that I was one of the first on my block to own Exile in Guyville - of course, Chicago in the early 90's was happening, with bands like Urge Overkill (who overdid the we-love-Neil-Diamond schtick) and Smashing Pumpkins (not one of my faves - hardcore Replacements/Husker Du man). The production was, well, tinny (it was an indie record). Live, she just...you would never have thought that she got married, divorced, had a child, and recorded several albums between then and now.

What was more impressive was the St. Louis riverfront being used as an entertainment venue. The show, and the laser/water/fireworks extravaganza were all really top notch, but the most impressive was that, for the first time (that I remember), St. Louis actually used one of its assets. It reminded me of Chicago using Navy Pier and the lake shore - it was just one of those "why-the-heck-didn't-we-think-of-that" before moments that make one glad to live in the Lou.

Now, if we can only develop holographic technology to hide the garish Casino Queen across the river, we would be set...

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