August 4, 2004

Day 7: Office Under Siege

It's official - yesterday, I had to clean out my office, due to the extensive rain damage. So, for the next two weeks, I will be a man without an office...floating around our agency, living out of my briefcase, doing paperwork and copies on the run. In short, like grad school without the Oreos and Mountain Dew. Although I have worked in a vacationing coworker's office, soon I will have to leave, since she will have returned on Monday.

But folks, the damage in my office is bad - tiles bulging inward and colored in various shades of yellow and brown; several papers and posters tossed due to them being damp and moist; my belongings boxed and hidden in a little cubbyhole. Thanks to some foresight, a curriculm which I had promised to one of my colleagues (and was packed away) arrived via mail yesterday, meaning that I can actually *gasp* perform my job.

Also, fortunately, I will be out of my office more frequently than I will be in the office within the next few weeks. This weekend is a huge, statewide prevention conference (so check out the archive if you want to read more stuff for the next few days), then next Thursday through Tuesday I'm on vacation - a well-needed break after the events of the past six months.

Luckily, today is more of a catch-up/finalizing day: getting things done and completed before I go off. In addition, the damage to my office isn't as extensive as that done to one of our directors - she lost so much in terms of records, papers, etc, it is not even funny. Our executive director is also not happy - lost productivity, lost time, and potential replacement of materials is not fun.

If you don't see or hear from me for awhile, please understand - I'm not ignoring you. Just going to be busy...

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