August 2, 2004

Monday, Monday...Can't Trust That Day

Admittedly, this past weekend totally rocked - Saturday night was a benefit for the Missouri Coalition for Budget Policy & Priorities, which works towards making sure that state fiscal policy reflects the needs of low and middle income families. Like much in St. Louis, there is the "social worker" clique - luckily, since I don't have an MSW (only an MEd), I am granted special privileges in this clique. Got to see Old Man Joe (a band comprised of several welfare/Medicaid/social work policy wonks), saw a Congressional candidate totally rock the house, and really noticed that a former colleague of mine was...well, attractive. As Wayne and Garth might say, "If she were a cult science fiction program, she'd be Babe-ylon 5."

(And if she ever reads this, I meant the above in a totally professional and dignified manner. Honestly. She has my utmost professional respect)

Sunday was spent taking a nice, long, well-deserved nap - since the next week are so will be busy, I wanted to get my rest in, and take in as much down time as possible. It seemed like the perfect weekend...

...Until I got into the office this morning. Thanks to last week's rains, my office is still flooded, and I am "camping out" in a vacationing coworker's office. Sadly, our executive director had to give me the bad news - I'm going to be exiled for awhile, and will need to pack up my stuff and move it out. The landlords are going to totally rehab my office, from floor to ceiling, due to the extensive water damage. No problem - I will only be in five and a half of the next fourteen days, so I don't have to sweat it.

And, being the "tobacco guy" at my agency, I am currently working on insuring some legislation passes and/or stays put. Arnold, Ballwin are coming up, and pretty soon may be Florissant and St. Peters. Although it's not the most glamorous (or well-paying) job, it's nice to know that my work actually gets results, and isn't just, well, lining the pockets of "The Man".

Thanks for reading, and hopefully, we'll touch base again...

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