September 10, 2004

Be A Coffee Achiever!

This has been a very accelerated week - even in thinking about this blog, it was tempting to focus on one or two separate mini-blogs, but hey, what's a little ranting/stream-of-consciousness between friends?

First, things that I'm thinking about include:

  • Like Mike at Progressive Ruin, I wonder if we really need a Superman movie;

  • Does Paris Hilton exist only to help Pauly Shore feel better about being at the bottom of the celebrity chain?; and

  • Thank god the first season of Columbo is on DVD.

Now, this week has been a challenge - a regular coalition meeting Tuesday night, attending a Ballwin working committee meeting Wednesday night, and St. Peters Thursday night. The latter two were, as you may know, job-related; part of my job is policy development. It's one of the few times where I feel like a geniune Superfriend, only I don't have to share a plate with Matter-Eater Lad. (I was going to make an Aquaman joke, but it might be offensive to some people). Yes, when you need to legislate, just call Gordon, Advocacy Boy!

Of course, it was the same event - people claiming that their constitutional rights were being denied, (Leading to the conclusion that "They Who Freely Quote Their Constitutional Rights Have Probably Never Read It"); portrayals of activitists as being "crusaders" or "zealots" reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend Monday night, who said, "Why don't some people get it?"

It's easy to demonize or insult people who do not agree with your beliefs - ranging from comics to television to politics, there are feelings on various issues. The hardest thing (which I had to do Wednesday night) was to let an opponent spew venom and not spew back, but to listen, and gently agree to disagree.

Is "my" side going to win? I don't know, and quite frankly, if we didn't, all it means is that we have learned our lesson and can move on. If we don't learn from history, we won't have history.

My agenda for this afternoon: take some comp time from work, pick up my comics from the Fantasy Shop, go home, and take a nap. Maybe even catch Trekkies 2 from Netflix.

I realize this may sound hurried - hopefully, I've made sense somewhere.

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