September 24, 2004

New Blogroll Entries!

Just look along the right side of this blog - you'll find that I'm always adding and subtracting blogs, mostly to highlight stuff I enjoy reading, but mostly because I'm too lazy to bookmark stuff. Recent entries include:

Psychbloke - actually came across this site by accident; it's some really good reading, and is probably the closest I will find to a British version of me.

Yet Another Comics Blog - This has some excellent comics-related writing.

Tom The Dog's You Know What I Like - Yes, we do, thanks to this blog.

Brill Building - I love this guy's sense of humor. Plus, he posted a really sexy picture of Diana Rigg, so he deserves something for his efforts.

Something Old Nothing New - A strong mixture of pop and high culture. You owe it to yourself to read this.

But hey, just click on one of the links of the blogroll - you'll thank me for it later.


Psychbloke said...

Be careful.....bad things are 'sposed to happen when one meets one's doppelganger....

(Still, cheers for the big up....)

Psychbloke said...

Thanks for the comic recommendations on my blog.
With you on D.R. and Quinch.
Have you seen they've got 'em online now?
Thanks for the reminder of some true classics!