September 20, 2004

Public Service Intervention

Dear Mike,

Recently, I caught your posts on Progressive Ruin - you know the ones, featuring Swamp Thing Merchandise.

Now, many addictions start small - the bargain DVD, the old computer games, but it builds to crisis proportions, and you soon become out of control...

Well, Mike, as a trained substance abuse counselor/community prevention specialist, I've noticed that you've sunk to pencil sharpeners and chalk...this, as we say in the biz, is "crossing the line."

There is help. There are 12 Step groups to help you break the habit. Just say the word, take the first step, and I can help.

Thanks for readin',

(P.S. I am a trained professional, kids - don't try this at home. Drink lots of high-sugar, high caffeine cola instead)

(P.P.S. For those who are humor-challenged, please do not flame me. This is, as we say in the biz, a joke, kind of like my theory about the killer in Identity Crisis

1 comment:

Mikester said...

It's far too late to help me now...and the sad thing is, I have more Swamp Thing goodies yet to show.