November 21, 2004

Reading Recommendations

First, saw Kinsey at the Film Festival last night - dude, you got to see this movie! It's a really moving piece of filmmaking that covers a lot of bases. It's also very mature, and definitely not for the under 18 set.

Ok, enough of, onto this week's comics:

Spider-Man: India - What brand of crack do you have to smoke to write something this lame? I'm sure someone at Marvel is pointing to this book to show their commitment to "diversity" (Me, sarcastic? Nah)

JLA # 108 - After a "typical-day-before-it-goes-to-pot" introduction, this issue sets up the world of the antimatter universe (aka "Earth 3"). It gives us a quick-and-dirty introduction to the Crime Syndikate, as well as reintroduced the Weaponers of Qward. Looking to be a great arc

JSA: Strange Adventures # 4 - after thinking that this story was going in one direction, it appears to be heading into another, more interesting direction. I sure didn't see that ending coming.

Teen Titans # 18 - More wacky alternate universe hijinks! Actually, this is pretty much standard things-got-dark-so-we-got-dark plotting...after finishing this arc, probably will not finish out.

Ex Machina # 6 - Well deserves the praise and attention it's getting. Great book.

Superman/Batman # 14 - Interesting use of long-dead (and out of continuity) characters to create a twist on the "changing the past" storyline. Definitely have to follow this arc through.

If you're into well-written mysteries, I suggest Blacklist by Sara Paretsky. It's your typical well-written VI Warshawski novel - complex plotting, smart dialogue, atmospheric descriptions...could not put it down. (Of course, this kind of writing almost demands someone attempt to adapt her work into graphic novel form)

Finally, a few blogs and websites that you might want to check out - there's the gentleman whose blog title is so long I refer to him as Former Fire Guy. (Any guy who can name check Brave & Bold # 182, or "Time, See What's Become of Me" with Hawk & Dove, is cool in my book).

The other blog of note is Jamie Weiman's Something Old, Nothing New, with its focus on popular (and unpopular) culture of times past. He writes with clarity, insight, and perspective on various matters ranging from television to Broadway musicals. And he does so seemingly easily. You have to read this blog.

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