December 14, 2004

It Was Joyful AND Triumphant, Par-rum-pum-pum-pum

First, kudos to anyone who can publicly name where I got the above title. Hint - it's somewhere on this blog.

Anyway, after two back-to-back meetings this afternoon, one in College Hill and the other in north County (meaning non-stop travel), I ended up coming home, taking a brief nap, and getting all dolled up for the River City Professionals event. I have to admit that I don't make them as frequently as I should - I'm not really a business guy, and my Tuesdays are often filled with board and/or work-related meetings - but I needed to go desperately. I was forgetting that there was a world outside of my office, women to flirt with, men to network with, and good times to be had.

The highlight was a White Elephant Gift Exchange - you wrapped some old (PG-13 rated) gift, included your business card, and at the right time, began exchanging gifts, switching with other people and making the rounds. After a half hour of exchanging gifts, including a last-minute switch, I received what I believe is the greatest gift a guy like me could get.

A Viagra clock. That's right - a small desk clock shaped like the little blue pill. The kind of thing that, given the work I do, would royally annoy my coworkers both in a good and bad way. I had traded a lamp for it, but I'm glad - now, I have something that's kitschy, tacky, yet somewhat more manageable.

Sometimes, it totally rocks to be me.

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