December 3, 2004

Taking A Swim in Lake Me

...or "enough with the pop culture shtick; tell us how you really feel..."

This has been a really rough week - mostly because of this upper respiratory thing that I have. I've been coughing, sniffling, had an extremely painful earache...I'm starting, however, to get better, and to feel a little bit more like my usual self.

Luckily, most of the PITA aspects of my life have taken an almost miraculous turn for the better.

My continually flat tire...turns out, just a nail. Simple in-and-out, no new tire, no new rim.

My cell phone, turned off due to a billing mistake? Back on, thanks to my ranting and raving.

An upcoming project, which usually makes my life hell. It looks much, much better this time...although there's still potential for evil.

I also have to admit that I need to reengage socially, to get out of the house - luckily, this weekend can be the start of my reemergence. I'm also grateful that a pal of mine is getting married on January 1st (and Idle Muser, if you're reading this, give me a call, dude). I also need to start calling my friends and, like, not using them just for trivia nights.

Some old heartaches I'm still holding on to, for some perverse reason, like wanting them will result in me having them. However, only time and letting go will take care of them.

So much to do, so much to blog about - comics, movies, CDs, DVDs, and even an upcoming Green Hornet appreciation. For now, though, just simple gratitude that I have a stronger work ethic than some of my co-workers, that I have a great life, that the best is yet to come...and that I'm not Corey Feldman.

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