January 2, 2005

Blog THIS, Pal!'s 2005 Resolutions

Normally, I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions - in short, the promises I make on January 1st are long forgotten by MLK Day. However, taking the Technorati challenge (and in a shameless attempt at self-promotion), here are my resolutions for 2005:

  1. No daytime talk shows - so no Oprah, Dr. Phil, or Montel for me. Of course, I rarely watch talk shows anyway, so this is an easy one to keep.
  2. Eat healthier and exercise more regularly - so, for me, it's putting down the Little Debbie snack cakes and the White Castles and making regular trips to my gym...or, possibly switching to the exercise room in my apartment building. Decisions, decisions...
  3. Once a month, purchase a comic/book/CD that I normally would not and enjoy it - my Netflix list is rather eclectic; why shouldn't I practice what I preach and break out of my rut? Get a comic that doesn't involve the spandex brigade. Read something I might not normally enjoy. Listen to music that isn't just another bloody reissue. In short, expand my horizons.
  4. Take that road trip I've been promising myself forever - Of course, I have to decide whether to drive to LaPlata (home of this gentleman), Columbia (cool stuff, with this guy's papers), Hannibal (home of Mark Twain), or Metropolis, Illinois. You can mutter "fanboy" under your breath; I'm not afraid.
  5. Say "No" more frequently - as some of my best friends know, I am a chronic overachiever. Everyone wants me to take charge - so saying "no" and meaning it will be my watchword this year.
  6. Get out and enjoy life more - hey, my schedule is starting to allow it; I need to get down with my bad self.
  7. When I'm at work, "work" doesn't mean reading blogs - self-explanatory.
  8. Have tons of fun, and not take myself seriously - again, self-explanatory.
So, blog readers, when you see me faltering - call me on it. Otherwise, see you in bloggerville!

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Kevin Church said...

Hey, if you need any help with the comics or movies or CDs, let me know. Always glad to tell someone their tastes are abhorrent and wrong and help them re-align them.